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Duckweed (LEMNA MINOR)

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Duckweed is a floating plant made up of tiny fronds that reproduce very quickly and provide shade and cover for fry in the floating roots.


Duckweed, also known as "water lens," is a fast-growing floating plant.  The leaves/pods (or fronds) are very small and vibrant light green in color.  They grow in dense colonies and provide hiding places for small invertebrates and fish.  This is a great plant for beginners, as it does not require special equipment, care, or knowledge.

Duckweed is easy to grow and is fine with low-light setups, although more light means faster and denser growth.  It grows by absorbing waste (including ammonia and nitrates) from the water, which reduces the pollutants that cause smelly or cloudy water and makes for happier pond or aquarium inhabitants!  Duckweed can greatly reduce or even eliminate the need for water changes.

This portion comes with 250 or more pods.  All of our plants are bright and healthy because they are kept in a water in a plant-dedicated tank rather than plastic packaging, which means your plant will arrive in top condition.

(No aquarium plant distributor/nursery/wholesaler/retailer, can or will guarantee their plants to be 100% snail free, we can not guarantee our plants will be snail free)


2 Tbsp Portion

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