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Coral Lens Kit for All Smartphones

$39.99 $49.99

Smartphone Coral Lens Kit (4 LENS)

If you like to take amazing photos of your corals and aquarium, then this Coral Lens Kit for smartphones is for you!

will render you amazing pictures. And why is that? Because the pictures will look like your aquarium in real

life for the first time! You will get professional quality to your pictures due to our special lens.



If you are a reefer with a smartphone you know that no matter how you good you are in taking photos,

the pictures you take with smartphones never look exactly how your aquarium really are… BUT, combining

our 15,000k Orange Lens with our 20,000k Yellow Lens you will be able to reproduce the exact natural look

of your aquarium in your pictures! If you notice that sometimes you have light reflection and glare on your

photos when trying to take pictures of your aquarium with smartphones, our CPL 37mm is reduces light

reflection and increases color saturation! If you wish to take the best closeups photos with details never seen

before with pictures taken with smartphones, our MACRO Lens for Close up Photos will blow your mind!



YES! It is super easy to use! We offer you a clip-on system combined with an add-on system: The high Quality

Glass Lens for Smartphones made by can be attached on your smartphone for enhanced effects with

our universal detachable clip and you can add as many lens as you wish from your kit. All you have to do is just

to add the lens you wish to use inside the clip and screw it (them) then install the clip on your phone and make

sure the lens is/are aligned with the phone camera lens. (Double lens only needs to cover the main lens).

How easy is that?

-CPL 37mm Polarized
-15,000k Orange
-20,000k Yellow
-Universal Phone Clip
-Protective Case
-Lens Cloth
– Lens Made of Glass – for Better Photography

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