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6 in 1 Aquarium Cleaning Tool

MULTIFUNCTIONAL 6 IN 1 – This aquarium cleaning tool kit includes 6 functional tools: 1 x metal blade for algae scraping, 1 x flat cleaning pad, 1 x right-angle cleaning pad, 1 x fish net, 1 x gravel shaper, 1 x tube cleaning brush.

EASY TO CHANGE TOOLS – All the tools come in the form of “changeable heads” while share the same handle to save space and makes it easy to store. The tools are easy to change by simple pressing

RIGID AND TELESCOPIC HANDLE – The handle is made of very rigid while light-weighted carbon fiber material. The length is adjustable from 24.5 to 38 inches, which works perfectly for aquarium tanks from 10 to 100 Gallons

NANO-TECHNOLOGY CLEANING PAD – Both the flat cleaning pad and the right-angle pad are made of nano-technology, which can clean the dirt on the glass surface very efficiently.

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